Founded in 2011, Cypress Healthcare Consultants (Cypress) is a health care administrative services firm offering provider credentialing and enrollment, managed care contract negotiation and provider network development services.

In 2016, Cypress acquired Trans-Century Resources, a credentialing verification organization (CVO) and managed care consulting and contracting services firm.

By combining the services of Cypress and Trans-Century Resources (TCR), our organization offers the following services to our clients:

  • Outsourced managed care staffing support for health care organizations and providers, including; hospitals, post-acute providers, skilled nursing and rehabilitation facilities, ancillary health care providers, large physician groups, IPAs, PHOs, and ACOs. These services include management of the contract negotiation process as well as preparation and submission of Credentialing Applications on behalf of health care professionals and facilities.
  • CVO Services, including: CAQH interface to import and format necessary provider data to perform primary source verification (PSV) work on provider applicants, preparation of Provider Profiles and Board Grids for use by Credentialing Committees and/or Review Boards, monthly OIG and related compliance monitoring, notification to and management of Provider recredentialing, monthly payor update reporting on adds, changes and termination from network participation; and, distribution and management of provider plan participation under Messenger Notice agreement formats.
  • Provider Enrollment Services for Medicare and Medicaid enrollment.
  • Health Plan or PPO Provider Network Development Services; including: recruitment and contracting for commercial and government health plans and PPO networks, assistance with the development of target list to meet minimum access standards for Plan filing purposes, assistance with the development of Provider Credentialing Applications, Participating Provider Agreements, Provider Recruitment Packets (including introductory marketing copy to represent the Plan to prospective providers), Geo-Mapping services to track and validate network development and achievement of minimum access standards; and,  project management and reporting services.

Cypress provides managed care credentialing, administrative services and contract negotiation support to more than 7,000 providers in 24 states.