Network Development and Providing Contracting for Managed Care Plans

The Provider Network Development Division within Cypress Healthcare Consultants (CHCC) provides adjunct staffing support to various managed care organizations; including, but not limited to:

  • Commercial HMOs and PPOs
  • Medicare Advantage Health Plans
  • Managed Medicaid Health Plans
  • Commercial HealthCare Exchange Health Plans

With the recent changes brought about by national health care reform, existing and new health plan organizations are entering new markets and expanding their existing health care products.  These expansions and the development of entirely new health plan products, managed care organizations often require outside consulting assistance to support the work involved with identifying, soliciting and contracting with physicians, hospitals, and a variety of ancillary health care providers. 

CHCC offers a seasoned team of Provider Contracting Professionals, including specific support for Provider Credentialing, as well as Fee Schedule Analysis and Provider Contract Negotiations.  These services are typically delivered within the context of a defined project, where the managed care organization has identified a specific geography (or geographies) for development and/or network expansion, and assigns to CHCC a set of development objectives to be achieved and delivered upon by a certain date. 

The CHCC Network Development team offers leadership expertise specific to Network Development for all managed care product types: Commercial HMO, and PPO; Medicare Advantage Health Plans, Medicaid Plans, Dual Eligible Health Plans, Healthcare Exchange Plans, and Worker’s Compensation Networks.  Additionally, the Provider Development team has extensive contracting experience for all health care provider types: Physician, IPA, Acute Hospitals, Specialty Hospitals, Post-Acute Hospitals, Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation, and all Ancillary Health Care Provider Types.

To obtain a proposal for Provider Network Development Services, please contact Laurie Foley at or (972) 424-1360.